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Swan & Maclaren Wins Silver for Garden City Lao Cai Project in Lao Cai City

Swan & Maclaren receives Vietnam Urban Planning Award for the 3rd time! The Detailed Master Plan of Garden City project in Lao Cai province won the silver prize, focusing on “Eco Garden Living”.

The Garden City Lao Cai masterplan seeks to build a harmonious connection between dwelling spaces and nature that surrounds us. The guiding principle of our vision focuses on two keywords: Eco, which represents the inclusion of green elements to facilitate a higher quality of life; and Living which symbolizes greater freedom in movement and abundance of social activities.

This award is an affirmation of Swan & Maclaren’s prestige and commitment to providing professional consulting services in Vietnam. Swan Maclaren would like to express our gratitude to Kosy Group for trusting Swan & Maclaren in the entire process!