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Architecture, Design & Management

We are committed to integrating decarbonization, smart build, smart tech, and AI adoption into our architectural designs and management processes, ensuring that our projects are environmentally responsible from inception to completion.

Immersive Experience & Entertainment,
Green Technology & Build

We are dedicated to creating captivating and immersive experiences by integrating illumination, AVL multimedia, engineering, content procurement, and Generative AI. Additionally, we focus on pioneering low-carbon building solutions, championing a rejuvenation and adaptive reuse model. Through partnerships with green technology innovators, we drive sustainable development in our domain.

Luxury Senior Residences

We are redefining luxury senior living with our SILVERSTAR brand, offering integrated services, including wellness, healthcare, dining, and hospitality, ensuring unparalleled comfort and care.

Integrated Value-Add

Our SM CoLAB function integrates the Group’s solutions to offer clients a truly one-stop design & build solution, while partnering with industry players to deliver comprehensive solutions to our projects. SM CoLAB houses all content, data, and transversal process/methods IPs, allowing us to provide solutions that are supported by AI and smart data, and truly unparalleled in the design and build space.