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Towards a Carbon
Neutral Built Environment.

What ‘carbon neutral’ really means for cities. How to build smart, carbon neutral buildings and why it matters.

Imagine a world where our Built Environment not only provides shelter and space for thriving economies, but it too contributes to our health and wellness. In a world where structures are designed to harmonise with their surroundings, reduce waste, and neutralise our carbon footprint.

​​The race towards Carbon Neutrality by 2050 is what drives the world today on an urgent mission.

Reducing carbon emissions in buildings will be critical to achieving climate goals and carbon neutrality by 2050. Efficient, carbon neutral buildings take advantage of available, cost-effective technology to reduce emissions while increasing health, equity and economic prosperity in local communities.

At Swan and Maclaren, we are passionate about this purpose. This is the world of sustainable design, engineering, smart technologies, and building methods – towards a more sustainable and equitable world in the Built Environment.

About Us

A Shared Purpose

A Comprehensive Range of Professional Services towards a Carbon Neutral Built Environment.

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Legacy & Milestones


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    Swan & Maclaren grows to reposition as an international group that offers Designs, Solutions and Project Integration towards Carbon Neutral Built Environments.
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    Tomorrow’s Build Environment Solutions
    C2R Lighting Singapore merged with Swan & Maclaren
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    Embarkment towards International Architectural Practice
    Expansion into Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, China
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    Corporatization for International and Company Restructure for the next lap
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    Post Singapore Colonial Architecture
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    Early Singapore Colonial Architecture
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    Swan & Maclaren
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    Swan & Lermit

Featured Group Projects


Swan & Maclaren’s Architect awarded Best Candidate Award in the Professional Practice Examination

Congratulations to Swan & Maclaren’s architect, Kwan Yeong Kang, for achieving the prestigious Best Candidate Award in the Professional Practice Examination in Singapore.

Swan & Maclaren Group Pte. Ltd. Raises Over $6 million in Pre Series A Funding

We are pleased to announce that as of 6th October 2023, Swan & Maclaren Group had concluded our Pre-Series A exercise and raised over S$6 million.

Swan & Maclaren Wins Silver for Garden City Lao Cai Project in Lao Cai City

Swan & Maclaren receives Vietnam Urban Planning Award for the 3rd time!