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Group Operations & Human Resources, Singapore

‘Swan & Maclaren recognizes leadership potentials. Clear responsibilities and autonomy in our work are key ingredients to grooming the next generation of leaders.’


ESG Ambassador, Singapore

‘Swan & Maclaren provided me with the platform and tools to realize my vision of a carbon-neutral built environment and a sustainable future through my everyday work.’


PR & Marketing Strategy, Singapore

'The collaborative spirit at Swan & Maclaren is unlike anywhere else I've worked at. It's incredibly rewarding to be part of a team that's making a real difference in creating a sustainable built environment.’


Designer, Singapore

‘Swan & Maclaren provides a safe zone for the new generation to grow and to thrive; the self-confidence I derive from my work empowers me to take on any challenges, both domestically and internationally.’


Creative Director, Bangkok

'The opportunities to grow at Swan & Maclaren are limitless; through exposures from sustainable design and project management, my career and self-confidence has advanced exponentially.’


Business Development, Ho Chi Minh

‘Through the vast projects I’ve led at Swan & Maclaren, I have fully indulged my passion for exploration – engaging with cultural elements that are unique to each design project.’


Business Development, Singapore

‘My capability in optimizing building efficiency and providing innovative solar design engineering solutions help clients of Swan & Maclaren to realise operational savings.’


Sales & Marketing, Hong Kong

‘I appreciate Swan & Maclaren's supportive, family-like team culture, offering readily available mutual support to tackle project challenges and provide comprehensive solutions.’


Project Director, United Kingdom

‘I play a central role at Swan & Maclaren in overseeing and managing key projects, ensuring successful execution and delivery.’