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Architect, Singapore

'Since joining Swan & Maclaren as an Architect, I have creatively pushed beyond design boundaries and taken on business responsibilities in both local and overseas markets.'


Group Operations & Human Resources, Singapore

‘Swan & Maclaren recognizes leadership potentials. Clear responsibilities and autonomy in our work are key ingredients to grooming the next generation of leaders.’


ESG Ambassador, Singapore

‘Swan & Maclaren provided me with the platform and tools to realize my vision of a carbon-neutral built environment and a sustainable future through my everyday work.’


Architect, Singapore

'I appreciate Swan & Maclaren’s commitment to fostering a collaborative environment that encourages creativity, innovation, and continuous learning in the field of architecture.'


Designer, Singapore

‘Swan & Maclaren provides a safe zone for the new generation to grow and to thrive; the self-confidence I derive from my work empowers me to take on any challenges, both domestically and internationally.’


Creative Director, Bangkok

'The opportunities to grow at Swan & Maclaren are limitless; through exposures from sustainable design and project management, my career and self-confidence has advanced exponentially.’


PR & Marketing Strategy, Singapore

'The collaborative spirit at Swan & Maclaren is unlike anywhere else I've worked at. It's incredibly rewarding to be part of a team that's making a real difference in creating a sustainable built environment.’


Business Development, Singapore

‘My capability in optimizing building efficiency and providing innovative solar design engineering solutions help clients of Swan & Maclaren to realise operational savings.’


Sales & Marketing, Hong Kong

‘I appreciate Swan & Maclaren's supportive, family-like team culture, offering readily available mutual support to tackle project challenges and provide comprehensive solutions.’


Business Development, Vietnam

‘Through the vast projects I’ve led at Swan & Maclaren, I have fully indulged my passion for exploration – engaging with cultural elements that are unique to each design project.’


Project Director, United Kingdom

‘I play a central role at Swan & Maclaren in overseeing and managing key projects, ensuring successful execution and delivery.’


Business Development, Singapore

‘I am given ample opportunities here at Swan & Maclaren where I can further develop the relevant skillsets required to be at the forefront of the industry.’


Business Development, Vietnam

'At Swan & Maclaren, we prioritize human and community values, infusing them into our design masterpieces to drive sustainable development.’