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Mr Edwin Tan

Executive Director and President of SM C2R and SM Tech

Mr Edwin Tan is the Executive Director of Swan & Maclaren Group. He is also the President of SM C2R and SM Tech companies.

Edwin is an accomplished professional with a distinguished background in the field of electrical and electronic engineering. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Glasgow University, where he was recognised with first-class Honours and the prestigious Everit Award for his exceptional academic performance.

As an astute entrepreneur and visionary leader, Edwin has successfully established and grown a highly regarded lighting company C2R Lighting Group over the past 20 years. Under his strategic guidance, the company has gained recognition for its exceptional quality and innovative solutions, winning major lighting projects on a global scale.

Edwin is deeply committed to fostering industry sustainability and green building solutions as an esteemed business leader known for his strategic acumen, industry expertise, and unwavering commitment and passion for sustainable practices. Through his vision, he has developed bespoke lighting solutions that combine energy efficiency, aesthetics, and environmental consciousness through his company. Now, his dedication to sustainability extends beyond lighting, as he actively explores opportunities in environmental-friendly products and building technologies to promote sustainable green living and enhance wellness in the built environment.

As a staunch advocate for decarbonisation, Edwin envisions a future where sustainable living is at the forefront of corporate responsibility. He firmly believes in the transformative power of sustainable practices and is driven to lead the way in the field of building solutions within the green economy.

With his exceptional leadership skills, Edwin has cultivated a culture of innovation, collaboration, and excellence within his organization. He inspires his team to continuously push boundaries and deliver cutting-edge solutions aligning with the company’s sustainability and customer satisfaction vision.

Edwin’s vision and dedication have positioned him as a prominent figure in the corporate landscape, and he continues to drive positive change in the industry while inspiring others to embrace sustainability as a core business value.