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Built Product Services and Tech Solutions

SM C2R is a member of the Swan & Maclaren Group.

As the Group’s Solution Provider with ancillary Build Products, Services and Building Supplies, SM C2R provides a one-stop service for a complete range of sustainable solutions and Eco products.

We provide commercial smart lighting solutions, holistic turnkey solutions in the Design and Solutions for Green and Sustainable buildings with lighting installations and building services, focusing on green building materials and solutions, Eco products and Smart Building technology.

Our customers are some of Asia’s largest and most decorated property developers. Some of our commercial lighting projects are landscape-defining. They include the Marina Bay Sands hotel and commercial centre in Singapore, the Venetian hotel and casino resort in Macau and the Tianjin Tower in China.

To learn more
www.smc2r.com (Launching soon)

Sustainable Building Materials & Solutions in Singapore | SM C2R

Green Build



Eco Products

Built Tech Solutions

SM Tech is a member of the Swan and Maclaren Group.

As the Built Tech Solution Provider, we are focused on designing, managing and equipping sustainable buildings and enabling them with the latest technologies to reduce energy consumption, improve wellness and drive productivity.