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Khim Yeo

Vice President, Technology | Swan & Maclaren Group

Khim is the Vice President, Technology at Swan & Maclaren Group.  The Group is involved in Total Built Environment and Sustainability and operates in 10 international markets including Europe and the Middle-East. Swan & Maclaren is one of Singapore’s prominent architectural, design and illumination engineering company that contributed to Singapore historical landmarks for the past 130 years.

Prior to joining Swan & Maclaren Group, Khim was the Director, Business Development at NCS Group. Between 2005 till 2008, she was the Adjunct Associate Professor at Singapore Management University (SMU) in the School of Computing & Information Systems.  She has held several senior Technology roles over the past 20 years including Project Director, NCS Group; Vice President, UOB; Manager, SocGen Securities Singapore; Senior Consultant, Accenture Singapore; Systems Analyst, HSBC Australia; and Software Programmer, Westpac Australia.

Khim held a distinguished Technology career and in 2007, she was the recipient of SINGTEL Excellence Award in recognition of personal achievement in Breakthrough & Outstanding Contribution.  Prior in 2006, she was the recipient of NCS Difference Quality Award in recognition of personal achievement in Customer Satisfaction, Work Dedication, Quality & Living NCS Core Values.

Khim received her Bachelor of Science, Information Technology degree at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in 1987.