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Charting the Future of the Built Environment

Imagine a world where our Built Environment not only provides shelter and space for thriving economies, but also contributes to our health, wellness, and social impact. In a world where structures are designed to harmonise with surroundings, reducing waste and carbon footprint, and bringing our dreams to life.

What drives us today are the winds of change our world faces. Reducing carbon emissions in buildings will be critical to achieving climate goals, while designing smarter buildings will be key to peoples’ work, life, and wellbeing. Furthermore, the way we consume knowledge and entertainment will be disrupted. And our cities will face a rapidly aging trend.

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A Shared Purpose

A Comprehensive Range of Professional Architectural Design Services and Green Solutions towards a Carbon Neutral Built Environment.

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Legacy & Milestones

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    Swan & Maclaren grows to reposition as an international group that offers Designs, Solutions and Project Integration towards Carbon Neutral Built Environments.
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    Tomorrow’s Build Environment Solutions
    C2R Lighting Singapore merged with Swan & Maclaren
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    Embarkment towards International Architectural Practice
    Expansion into Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, China
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    Corporatization for International and Company Restructure for the next lap
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    Post Singapore Colonial Architecture
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    Early Singapore Colonial Architecture
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    Swan & Maclaren
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    Swan & Lermit

Featured Group Projects


Swan & Maclaren Architects won Asia Pacific Property Awards (Architecture) for The Landmark Project

We’re thrilled to announce that Swan & Maclaren Architects has been honoured with the prestigious Asia Pacific Property Awards (Architecture) for The Landmark project!

Swan & Maclaren Group Forms Strategic Partnership with Senior Living Operating Arm of Yincheng International Holding Co.

Swan & Maclaren Group is proud to announce our strategic partnership with Nanjing-based senior living operator Yincheng Elderly Care. Through this partnership, both parties will jointly study, explore, and enter into the senior living markets in China and Southeast Asia.

Generative AI in Architectural Design

At Swan & Maclaren Group, we integrate generative AI into our design and build workflows. This groundbreaking technology is set to revolutionize the fields of architecture and engineering, enhancing our creative processes and optimizing our operations.